No one likes answering the same questions over and over. When you have to explain simple frequently asked questions, it becomes tedious, and it stalls your progress as a team. Wouldn’t it be great if you could answer a question once and have a bot that could organize all your previous answers for you? That’s where LeavesOnBot+ comes in.

When it comes to Taking Leaves, No one likes Composing a Mail for applying Leaves and then waiting for the approval. And if somehow, HR Team consign to oblivion about your leave and then jog their memory about your leave approval is something that no one likes to take on. Wouldn’t be suprising if you could just apply a leave by just updating few necessary details and get all information related to your leaves wihin seconds ? That’s where LeavesOnBot+ comes in.?

Feedback is the backbone of any functioning organization. Being able to take feedback from your employees easily is crucial. Sometimes your employees have something to say, but it’s hard to do so without some anonymity. Wouldn’t it be great if you can take survey from your employees without knowledging the person who responded for the benifit of the company ? That’s where LeavesOnBot+comes in.?